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Poor People Deserve Your Help

CIHF is a now growing towards making this as a worldwide movement. We strengthen communities by improving education, healthcare, and social well-being. Our goals are clear, ambitious, and attainable — but only with your support.

Help For Poor

Your contribution in terms of donations will support and shall. as a catalyst towards the building blocks of better lives & stronger communities: a quality education for the underprivileged of the society that leads to a stable job; good healthcare facilities for communities & societies; and social well-being for sustainable livelihood.

Poor People in The Word

In this world we need committed people to help the communities . advocate them for sustainable improvement through community development which requires a pool of committed people. Change comes when people advance causes they believe in. CIHF is not about politics; it’s about understanding world issues and coming together to solve them.


Work towards creating a better India which provides basic health,    education and empowerment to every citizen. To empower unprivileged through education, advocate a better quality of life, radiate love, touch lives and spread some happiness. CIHF envisions an India with a socially responsible corporate sector & corporate professionals working in symbiotic relationships with an

Credibility & Quality

To be a Knowledge Partner of Schools, NGOs, Corporates.                      and Government agencies for development programmes across India in order to spearhead & create definitive, long term and large scale sustainable change in key action areas of healthcare & education, social well-being & women’s empowerment, civic

Community Development

Confederation of International Healthcare Foundation (CIHF) is the organisation that represents Indian healthcare industry like non-government hospitals, Clinics, Nursing Home; Medical & Healthcare related other organisations and supports them in achieving their missions and goals, with a mission to expand access to affordable, quality healthcare for underserved individuals & communities and to promote fundamental improvements