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Honorary Degree

CIHF in association with Indian management Academy – IMA through its affiliated Partnering International University awards honorary degrees based on nominations and approvals from review committee setup for this purpose. An honorary degree or a degree honoris causa, for the sake of the honor, is an academic degree for which a university has waived the usual requirements such as matriculation, study, and the passing of examinations. The degree itself is typically a doctorate or, less commonly, a master’s degree.

Usually the degree is conferred as a way of honouring a distinguished guest’s contributions to a specific field, or to community or to society in general. The university creates strong associations with experts or different fields and contributions by honouring them its honorary degrees.

Nomination may be sent directly to University Personnel with detailed profile of nominee and applicable fees payment along with all relevant documents of achievements which stand your case eligible for honorary degree before the reviewing committee.

This degree is the highest award conferred by the CIHF, IMA & Its affiliates. An honorary degree may be awarded to an individual who has achieved acknowledged eminence in cultural affairs, in public service, or in a field of knowledge, Education and healthcare or any other core areas in which he/she has specialized. Honorary degrees are not awarded to encourage or reward contributions to the University.

Honorary Title’s & Awards – (3 types of honorary degree/title may be bestowed)

  1. Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) / Doctor of Humanity (D. Hum), given to persons who have distinguished themselves in the humanities;
  2. Doctor of Letters (Litt.D.), given to scholars/intelligent in particular disciplines;
  3. Doctor of Social Works (D.S.W.), given to persons distinguished in Social service;

The honorary degree is conferred by the president / chief secretary or a designated representative on behalf of the affiliates. The autonomous body awards several honorary degrees annually. Recipients of honorary degrees need not have been educated at or otherwise associated with CIHF, IMA or its affiliates. A recommendation that a person be considered for an honorary degree should be submitted to the honours’ committee of the appropriate unit, if one exists,

The following format is to be used:

Nominee – cannot be a current member of the faculty or staff, or a sitting Regent, but retirees are eligible.

Nominator – must be an alumnus or member of CIHF or its affiliates or a current member of the faculty or staff. [Board of Regents policy requires that no disclosure is to be made to the nominee, or persons other than those writing supporting letters, until a decision is forthcoming on the nomination.]

Nomination Summary – 50 words or less, restricted to outlining the nominee’s accomplishments, excluding degrees and appointments.

Outstanding Accomplishments –one-page summary highlighting the individual’s accomplishments. 

Biographical Information – not to exceed 5 pages and to include address, telephone/fax number, date and place of birth, education, employment, membership in professional societies, honours’ and awards, professional and public service, consulting activities, etc.

Dean. Chancellor, Vice Presidential level SupportAs appropriate (indicated by the cover letter to the nomination).

Selected Publications of Nominee –not to exceed 5 pages (if not appropriate, 5 more pages are allowed for biographical information).

Letter from Nominator – should focus on personal knowledge of the nominee’s career accomplishments and reputation.

Supporting Letters – at least one, not more than 5 from the nominee’s peers in and outside CIHF; again, these should focus on personal knowledge as above.

Maximum Length of Dossier – not more than 25 pages.

Number of Copies – 05 of each item, collated stapled and clipped (Spiral Bounded or Hard Bounded). 

Date for Submission – at least 3-6 months before the award is presented.

Submit To –the honours’ committee of the appropriate college, if one exists, and if not, to the All University Honoris Committee, or any Affiliate partner campus.

Note: Persons writing letters of nomination should know that such letters will be legally available to the nominee upon request, even to an unsuccessful candidate who becomes aware of the nomination. Nominators should also make sure that writers of supporting letters are aware that their letters, too, will be available on request.

A nomination approved by the Honours’ Committee is submitted to the President and, finally, to the Board of Director for approval.

[Board of Director Policy requires that no disclosure is to be made to the nominee while his or her name is under consideration.]

Units sponsoring honorary degrees are encouraged to provide travel support when funds are available. In general, award and citation costs are borne by University Relations, award ceremony costs by the nominating unit, and travel expenses by the awardees’.

Fee Payment: You may directly forward all concerned Honorary titles Nomination along with the complete dossiers to the Authorized International Affiliate Partner directly for Indian region to Indian management Academy – IMA, through CIHF.

For more information write to us at: gdsingh@ima.edu.in or info@ima.edu.in