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7आईएमए – उद्यमिता एवं कौशल विकास संस्थान
IMA – Entrepreneurship & Skill Development Institute (IMA-ESDI)
(Founded by CIHF, Est. & Regd. Under B.P.T Act XXIX of 1950, Govt of INDIA, Since 2005)
“Working towards building a better tomorrow, today”


India has one of the largest youth populations & has some of the best budding business entrepreneurs who graduate from Technical colleges & Management Colleges every year. Majority of these students are not industry ready.

IMA-ESDII founded by CIHF trust, Established & registered under B.P.T Act XXIX of 1950, government of India, Since 2005 is a non-profit organisation providing skill development programs for MSME Industries & Job oriented training program. In order to make this venture successful IMA-ESDII has established partnerships with local NGO,s, corporate houses, SME, Industries and general community stakeholders.

Indian Management Academy has specially designed industry integrated course under its vertical Entrepreneurship & Skill Development Institute for Industries takes such an initiative for the first time in India to make the Indian youth technical graduates prepared for the Industry by providing in depth & focused industry specific skill enhancement training. We at IMA-ESDI focus on improving the quality of skills of the budding Entrepreneurs & youth which will enable them to be confident, able and determined for a successful career ahead.

At a time when the world is experiencing massive change, complete transformation of human society cannot begin without implanting the seeds of change at the grass roots level and this can only be done when all the systems which we have judiciously been following are re examined and new more responsive formulations created.

With by a will to create an intelligent academic space community for the youth & public at large we have created this a place where young individual will be made aware of, exposed and connected to all the pertinent areas useful for the build up of his future life and career for making them Job ready.

Right from getting to know what all fields he can pursue as a course of study to availing the different work opportunities that exist, the idea is to simplify an individual’s access to his own unique career pathway.

IMA-ESDI is not a static system of rigid formulations but is organic in nature and shall keep growing as per the Industry needs & demands of the future.

Our endeavour has been based on the clear vision & articulated with details relevant & prevailing to the current industries scenario and context.

Distinguished management consultants from various sectors have developed autonomous management development online & distance learning diploma / certification courses & also served as core advisers for the academy.

We, at IMA-ESDI cater to building strong blocks of skills and knowledge for people who want to get that added advantage and stay at the forefront of world-class competition.

Our goal is to enhance people’s skills and let them envisage themselves to be geared up for today, tomorrow and forever.

In today’s cyberspace revolution we can no longer afford to be ordinary pieces .Each one of us has to be an extra-ordinary masterpiece and attest ourselves at every second of life.

To get that extra-ordinary upshot in your life, you need to polish those ordinary skills and outshine yourself for the world with IMA-ESDI.

  IMA-ESDI has a range of courses that can help you to conquer your limitations of time and location.

Whether you need to update your skills in your existing job or you desire to enter a new industry, our courses are designed to deliver the knowledge you need.

This knowledge comes to you at your own need, your own time, your own convenience and your own pace-And all this with that touch of traditional teaching methodologies.

Mission and Vision Statement

Our Mission

To develop IMA-ESDI as a leading provider of career and workforce development programs by insuring that each student has the right combination of support and opportunity to experience their own individual potential.

Our Vision

To act as a bridge between Industry and Professional Colleges/ Institutes and to ensure that IMA-ESDI will become one of the most effective centre’s of its kind to adequately train the rural & urban youth & skilled manpower of various Industries and make them Industry ready.