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Group – Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


Supporting Education as CSR

In recent years, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has attained a large impetus as Corporates and business houses realize that it is their inherent responsibility to engage in social issues for more inclusive development of the society.

At UB Group Ventures are well-aware of the need to proactively take up this good hearted investment and give a social value to all our business accomplishments.

Partnering through CIHF- Confederation of International Healthcare Foundation, Unified Brainz Virtuoso Ltd. (UBVL) is laid on the realization that it is our responsibility to give back to the society. In partnership with the government and many corporate organizations, we have brought notable changes in the lives of many through our projects. We have worked extensively with educators, governments, and industry to design and deliver innovative education, healthcare & social-wellbeing programs all around the world.

We undertake many programs to uplift the lives of underprivileged kids, their families and communities. Our main focus areas being Education, Healthcare & social well-being, we also initiate various random act of kindness with aim to help needy and create a better world by spreading awareness and increasing engagement in kind actions.

Our Key Initiatives through our Philanthropy Partner not-for-profit organisation – CIHF

Education Initiative:

Millions of children are out of school because they can’t afford it. They have a ‘will’ to be in school, but have no ‘way’. We show these children a way to school, help them obtain higher education and give wings to their dreams.

Scholarship program for unemployed working professionals: The CSR division of the company runs Scholarship program in collaboration with INDIAN MANAGEMENT ACADEMY- IMA for the development of underprivileged & unemployed working professional to attain skill based training through partnering Indian & international universities for better employability. These classes provide non-formal education along with correspondence studies.

We are also running scholarship program for doctoral & post doctoral courses for students willing to progress in the field of research & development through support of International Partnering Universities.

As part of philanthropic activity our company also distributes books, uniforms, and stationery to underprivileged school children.

The Company is running another institution ‘IMA-ESDI’ with the support of ‘MSME’ of Govt of INDIA for the upliftment of Skill based and professional vocational training for young entrepreneurs & professionals.

• Awareness campaign in municipal schools to educate kids about important values in life; such as value of higher education, discipline, ethics, self-assurance, etc.

• Work with various organizations to give vocational training to people with disabilities, adolescent girls and widow women to enhance the employability

• Provide scholarships to remarkably talented medical, IT, engineering and PhD students

• Provide uniforms, school bags, textbooks or other school supplies to unprivileged students

• Implement various campaigns in slum and rural areas to generate interest in education and inspire kids to attend school

• Reimburse college fee of needy disabled students

Healthcare Initiative:

Since the beginning CIHF & our associated companies have been instrumental in organising health check-up camps of Free Medical & Optical Check–Up, dental hygiene check up, distribution of Medicines, Midday Meal. Access to primary healthcare, awareness of basic hygiene and medical treatment of underprivileged patients beg a lot of attention.

We dedicate ourselves and ensure a helping hand reaches to every individual who seeks medical help.

• Free health check-up camps

• Provide food to needy leprosy, tuberculosis, HIV+ patients in government hospitals

• Various health awareness campaigns for basic hygiene, sanitation, health and nutrition, skills and livelihood

• Donate medicines to aged and poor patients suffering from major illnesses

• Help needy patients meet substantial medical expenses for their treatment or surgery

• Monetary contribution towards the treatment of poor kids who are being diagnosed with cancer or other major illness

Random act of Kindness:

• Disaster relief campaigns

• Financial assistance to orphanages, old age homes and organizations working for physically challenged, blind, deaf or mentally disabled people

• Provide assistive devices (wheelchair, crutches artificial limb, hearing aids, etc.) to needy differently abled people

• Distribution of Clothes, Hygiene stuff (toothpaste, brush, soap, sanitary pads), Medicines, Toys, Books, etc. in slums and rural areas

• Distribute food in various slum areas in Diwali and other major festivals

• Organize various entertaining programs, like dinner events, picnics, movie shows, dance sessions, etc. for kids with physical/mental disabilities and orphans

• Anti-Smoking campaigns

• Donate sewing machines to women in rural areas and widows to make them self-sufficient

For more information – log on www.cihf.co.in & group Supported by www.ubgroup.asia